Baby Names

Whether you have your baby names picked out from the day you find out you're pregnant or want to wait until the baby arrives, choosing names for your child is a big decision. While it is a decision that some make on a whim, you are probably better off putting some real time, effort and thought into it. After all, the names you choose for your baby will be a significant and lifelong part of his or her identity.


Traditional Sources of Baby Names

Many parents-to-be still rely on a book of baby names, which will not only list thousands of baby boy and baby girl names from A to Z, but will also give the meanings of those names. For most people selecting baby names, meanings are very important. Many parents want to choose names with meanings that reflect the qualities they want to bestow on their children.

Many new parents also choose to uphold family traditions by passing down names from older generations, accompanied by the correct numerical distinction ("the second," "the third," etc.). Choices of baby boy names are sometimes inspired by their mother's maiden name, as many surnames -- such as Phillips, Scott and McNeill -- were originally based on a traditional male first name. Though less common, baby girl names, such as Allison or Lindsey, can also preserve the mother's maiden name.

Popular Ways to Choose Unique Baby Names

Nowadays, it seems more and more parents want to find unique or unusual names for their baby, and many are more likely to check a list of the top baby names because they want to know the names to stay away from due to their popularity. Common strategies parents use to give their baby a unique name include changing the spelling of a traditional name, choosing a favorite color, item or emotion, or even creating the name themselves.

Finding the perfect baby name has never been easier. We have thousands of names and meanings from which to choose.