Baby Contests

Tips for winning a baby photo contest

Every mother dreams of her precious baby's face plastered on the cover of a baby magazine for the whole world to see - the envy of all other parents, beautiful and poised. The truth is, however, if you are entering your baby in a photo contest, it isn't necessarily going to come down to the cutest baby (all babies are unique and beautiful). Instead, it might come down to the best photographer. Therefore, I have compiled a few tips on how to get the best photo and better odds of winning a photo contest.


1. Lighting. No matter how beautiful your baby may look, lighting is going to be key to a superb photo. If the photo is too dark, you will not be able to see the beautiful and unique features of your child. You want to avoid casting shadows over your child and make sure that your child appears bright and natural. With too much lighting, the image appears fake or washed out.

2. Background. The best photos are those taken with a plain, solid-colored background. This brings the attention to your baby, not to the elephant print behind his or her head. You want the attention of those looking at the photo to go directly to your little angel's face.

3. Poses. Make sure that you are using age-appropriate poses. Newborns up to three-month-olds are going to need to be photographed lying down or in the arms of a loved one. As your child reaches certain milestones, your posing can change - sitting, crawling, standing, grabbing their toes, etc.

4. Themes. Make sure you are following the contest instructions. For example, if the contest is themed silly faces, make sure you are submitting a photo in which your child is making a silly or unusual face, not just a head shot of your beautiful baby. Attention to detail will be key.

5. Uniqueness. A lot of these contests will have hundreds or thousands of entries. You will need to make sure that your child stands out. Small props, funny faces, unique settings, unusual angles, black-and-white photography and so on can make your child stand out from the next.

When all is said and done, all children are beautiful, and with a little creativity and time, your baby may have what it takes to be the next baby cover star.

By Tara B