Raising Children

Essential tips for parents

If only they came with instructions…

What parent hasn't made that wish at least once as they raise their children from diapers to independence? But the truth is, even though no parent will ever be perfect, looking out for your child's well-being and making sure they grow up healthy and strong is the best thing any parent can do.

Whether it's handling the little things that every child goes through, like bed wetting or head lice, or something more serious like dealing with teen depression or talking about sex, your kids will be looking to you for guidance and support - even if they don't even know it.


Is there any way to prepare in advance for those curveballs life may throw at you and your child? There is: it's insight, and you'll find it here. We've got articles written by parents who have been through it all and who can help you make it through the colds and flus, the scraped knees and even the tough stuff that no parent wants to think about.

Unfortunately, no child comes with a manual - but we're the next best thing!

The Most Challenging Stages of Parenting

Parenting can be tough at any stage, but parents of babies – and new first-time parents in particular – can feel especially overwhelmed by the enormous prospect of raising a tiny person to adulthood. That's why we've devoted an entire section to all things baby-related.

Although babies can be challenging and exhausting, if you ask parents of grown children what the most challenging and exhausting part of raising their kids was, a lot of them won't say it was parenting babies: they'll say it was parenting teenagers! Being the parent of an adolescent is difficult for many reasons, but one of the most significant is that it's a time when your teenager will go through a lot of changes mentally and physically, and when they can become susceptible to both new internal health risks, such as depression, and new external health risks, such as smoking or becoming sexually active.

Knowing when and how you should talk to your teen about health issues is important – particularly since they probably won't willingly open up to you about them. Our teen health section provides a wealth of information that can benefit both you and your teen.