Toy Donation

Help a child in need with a toy donation

Almost everyone knows a family that has little or no income this holiday season. It happens to people, and sometimes it's through no fault of their own. When the economy slows to a halt, a lot of working people are affected. That's why there are agencies that will set up a Christmas toy donation, or possibly just a toy donation for children in the hospital.

There are children all over the world who need help with holiday gifts, but have you ever taken the time to notice that there are children in your own neighborhood who need a toy donation as well? The U.S. Marine Corps sponsor a Toys for Tots donation every year and shipped to needy children all over. But there are more items you can donate besides kids toys. Household items, foods and even hygienic products are welcome donations.


It's not just the children who need to be thought of during the holidays. You can contact your local chapter of the Salvation Army to inquire about a used toy donation (whether you want to donate items or are in need of them). Area schools will also have donation sites and can give you information about them.

What to Donate

You can donate almost any item to charity. Items from shampoo to used vehicles have been donated several times in the year. But the main focus around the holiday season is toys. Used toys that are still in good condition are acceptable, just be sure the toys are clean and in working condition. If there are little pieces to them, make sure they are all accounted for. Look the items over and check for holes or blemishes of any kind. Just because these kids don't have much doesn't mean they deserve trash.

If you want to donate brand new items, that is also a wonderful idea. You can purchase the items and drop them in a Toys for Tots donation box. These are typically set up in or around toy stores for optimum placement. Make a kid's Christmas a little brighter this year with a toy donation, and yours will be more blessed as well.