Toy Cars

Choosing the right toy cars for your kids

Buying kids toys can sometimes be a much more difficult task than it seems – especially for boys. Most girls are easily occupied with dolls and stuffed animals, but boys are a little bit more challenging. However, when shopping for kids products or kids toys for boys, you can never go wrong with toy cars.

There are lots of different types of toy cars to choose from, and depending on the exact age of your child, some might not be safe. Some may have even been placed on a kids products recall list. This is why it's important to do the proper research on toy cars before you actually go out and buy one.


Toy Car Types

If you are shopping for younger boys, wooden toy cars are usually your best bet. These are often handmade and well-crafted, with very few small pieces to come loose. Some may even be carved from a single piece of wood, and feature no moving parts or accessories whatsoever – these are ideal for younger boys and infants as there is absolutely no risk of wooden toy cars presenting a choking hazard (as long as they're not small wooden cars). However if the toy cars have been painted, you'll want to be fully aware of the type of paint used, and whether or not it may contain toxic levels of lead.

Best Cars for Kids

For slightly older boys, however, wooden toy cars with no moving parts are simply not going to cut it. They want something a little bit more detailed, and fortunately there are plenty of options to suit their needs. Toy cars and trucks come in both plastic and metal varieties, and are quite durable and inexpensive, which makes them great for rowdy young boys who can often be rather hard on their favorite toys.

There are also toy collectible cars and toy model cars for teenagers and preteens, as well. These are usually made of plastic, though some metal toy collectible cars are also available. Toy model cars are typically meant to be put together piece-by-piece, using permanent glue to keep them together. These toy cars can usually be painted by your child too, which makes for a customizable toy as well as a great learning tool for your older children.