Stuffed Animals

Guide to the best soft toys

A stuffed animal makes an excellent toy for any young child because it's soft and cuddly, and encourages children to use their imaginations. In the eyes of a child, plush animals can take on names and even personalities, and they often become great, if silent, friends. But how do you choose the best stuffed animal toy for your child? Here are some tips for finding a plush toy that your child will cherish forever.

Plush Stuffed Animals

Before you buy any new plush toys, ask your child what his or her favorite animals are, and then see if you can find a plush animal that's on the list. You'll definitely be able to find something. There is an endless variety of plush stuffed animals; choose a stuffed monkey, a stuffed bunny, a stuffed dog, - even a stuffed dinosaur. Before you know it, your child will be the proud owner of an imaginary zoo!


You can also use animal toys to teach your child about all sorts of wildlife. Younger children will have a great time making the proper sound for each animal, and older children can be taught where it lives, what it eats and other such details.

The size of a stuffed animal is another important consideration. A small plush dog or stuffed rabbit makes an excellent travelling companion, a mid-sized plush animal or doll is great for snuggling at bedtime and a large stuffed animal can add a decorative touch to a kids playroom or bedroom.

Teddy Bears

It seems like everybody had a teddy bear when they were growing up. A stuffed teddy bear is one of the classic children's toys - and for good reason! Stuffed bears are cuddly, cute and easy for children to bond with. They come in absolutely every color, shape, and size. They are also lots of fun to dress up, and they make good playmates for imaginary adventures. A teddy bear is the perfect companion for a boy or girl, and it's a good toy for bedtime, as well.