Ride On Toys

Big wheels for your little tykes

Everybody remembers that first bike ride, or the first time they every got towed in a wagon. Ride on toys for kids are an exciting way to put some action into playtime. Whether they've got a classic red wagon or some high-tech battery powered ride on toys, it's always fun for children to go speeding along in the great outdoors. Here are some tips for finding ride toys that keep your child safe and let everybody have a great time.


Safety First

Riding toys for kids are designed with safety in mind, but if you're uncertain, inspect the product yourself before purchase. Also, talk to your child about safety - set some rules and boundaries before he or she goes out to play.

Some riding toys require kids to wear safety gear. For example, battery powered cars for kids may require a helmet. Some other riding toys may suggest knee or elbow padding. Usually, kids wagons don't require safety equipment, but going over some safety rules, such as, "keep your hands and feet inside the wagon while it's moving," is certainly a good idea.

Kids ride on toys all the time; it can be done safely with just a little attention to detail. Make sure you know what the toy requires, and make sure your child knows (and follows) the rules to stay safe!


A kids wagon is a great ride on toy, and it's been a classic ever since the old radio flyer wagon. A wagon can be used to get around or as storage for all kinds of toys, and buying your child a toy wagon will pretty much guarantee they get some time outside. Toy wagons tend to be smaller so that they can be pulled by a child.

When you're choosing a color for your kid wagon, remember that a red wagon is classic, but a childrens wagon can come in any color. It may even be fun to get a wooden kids wagon and paint it!

Safety first! Before child wagons can be used for riding toys, they should be inspected for safety. A child wagon should not tip over, and the wheels should not be loose or come off easily.


A tricycle is a great way for a young child to get around. It provides exercise and will prepare your child for riding a bike. You can go for that vintage look with a radio flyer tricycle or get a newer model in your child's favorite color. The options are endless, and so is the fun!