Doll Accessories

Houses and clothing and furniture, oh my!

Dolls are great toys and wonderful collectibles, but why stop there? Dolls come with every accessory you can imagine, and part of the magic of collecting or playing with dolls is creating a whole imaginary world. There are all sorts of ways you can add to the fun by purchasing some great doll accessories, such as clothes, shoes, cars and even houses.

Doll Clothing

Half the fun of dolls is dressing them up! And depending on what dolls your child plays with or collects, there are all sorts of fun options in the world of doll fashion - doll dresses made of velvet, satin, silk and lace, leather and patent leather doll shoes, even accessories like purses, hats, and jewelry. But doll clothes don't need to be fancy to be fun. If you're feeling really crafty, you can even make your own doll clothing for something totally original.


Doll House

Doll houses are a beautiful addition to any nursery or playroom, and they remain a wonderful centerpiece to a room even after a child grows up. Building a dolls house can be an amazing project for you and your child. It's a big undertaking, but you'll be left with something truly beautiful by the time you're done. You can also buy a doll house kit to make it easier. Or, simply search out doll house miniatures and get creative with the decorating.

Doll houses and miniatures are a really great way to combine beauty and collectibles - and they still work well as a wonderful toy. There are many businesses that provide a wide range of options, from Barbie's Dream House to a classic Victorian doll house, and from common decorations to that rare doll house accessory you thought you'd never find.

Doll Furniture

Doll furniture can really add to the experience of playing house or the fun of collecting dolls. Doll house furniture is fantastic for smaller dolls, but there's furniture available for larger dolls, too. You can find a doll stroller or doll buggy, a doll high chair - even a baby doll bed or cradle. Not only are these fun to play with, but they can also be a wonderful addition to any nursery or kids room, and the right furniture may even become a treasure to pass down through generations.