Action Figures

Finding the right action figure

An action figure toy is a great toy for imaginative children who have a flare for adventure, but knowing what type of action figure to buy for a child can be difficult, especially with so many options available. Some collectors want those rare Star War action figures, while others prefer the popular line of Simpsons action figures. Here are some tips for matching the right action figure with the right collector.


Comic Book Action Figures

For a child who is into comics, nothing is more fun than an action figure of their favorite superhero. Marvel action figures make wonderful toys for children and collectors alike, and if you look, you can even find the highly collectible series of Marvel Legends action figures. Of course, you can also find the ever-popular Batman action figures and Spawn action figures, or the highly collectible Static Shock action figures and Buffy action figures.

Action figures based on comic book characters often increase in value, especially if the comic book goes out of print. If you take proper care of it, your child's favorite Batman action figure may be a great toy today and a sought-after collector's item tomorrow.

Collectable Action Figures

There is no single thing that makes an action figure collectable. Some are highly prized for their great detail, like McFarlane action figures. Others are valuable because they are hard to find, like certain Starwars action figures or the rare Boxing Homer Simpsons action figure. Other valuable action figures are usually classic toys no longer being made, like the original GI Joe action figures and the old WWF action figures.

If you're curious about what an action figure's worth, you can find plenty of information online. Action figures left in their original packaging are usually worth the most, but gently used action figures may at least fetch more than you paid for them. If in doubt, check it out – you could have something really valuable on your hands.

Sports Action Figures

If you're really into sports, chances are you can find a collectable action figure of your favorite athlete. Figures are being made of famous baseball players, hockey players and basketball stars. But the most fun sports figures are probably WWE action figures based on your favorite wrestling superstar. A WWE action figure may even come with extra accessories and fun action moves built right in.

Video Game Action Figures

For the kid or collector who is really into video games, a line of Halo action figures has recently been released. By looking around, you should be able to find every Halo action figure necessary to re-enact your favorite scenes from the game.