Kids Toys

Find the perfect toy for children of every age

Choosing kids toys is no longer a matter of picking the first thing that catches your eye on the shelf - it's a science!

Between branded toys and toys that are the hottest items on every kid's wish list, the toy store can be uncharted territory for a parent who's not in the loop. And don't get us started on collectible toys - how do you choose a toy for your child, knowing it's meant to stay in the box?

Take a deep breath and relax! Toys are still about having fun, and we're here to help you make the choices your child is sure to love.


We even promise not to neglect their development. We'll offer you tips on finding the best educational toys for your little one, as well as toys that will get them up off the couch and into the great outdoors!

There you have it - we've got all your bases covered when it comes to monkeying around, so be a kid again yourself and enjoy finding the item that will make your child laugh and smile.

What to look for in the toy store

Although each year brings new must-have toys, some things just don't go out of style. Some of the best candidates for baby's first toy are stuffed animals, while many young ladies will cherish a doll or two that they can interact with.

On the other hand, action figures have been a staple in little boys' playrooms for decades, and there are no signs that the trend will end anytime soon. Although they can be a bit pricey, these toys have lasted for a reason—the right stuffed toy or figurine can quickly become a favorite companion.

Of course, toys can be educational as well as entertaining, especially the new electronic games that offer an imaginative approach to learning. Be careful not to be swayed by the bells and whistles of every new product though, as there will always be new inventions just around the corner. Get tips on how to balance the playroom with classic low-tech toys and impressive high-tech educational gadgets to keep your kids interested and satisfied.

When summer time comes, invest in some standard toys and games for your kids that will let their imaginations loose. Plastic toys and props for school yard games are generally inexpensive and can keep the kids entertained and interacting for hours. Learn about the tried and true activities that will keep every child out in the fresh air.