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Best free online games for kids

Finding free and wholesome family-oriented game sites for your children can be a daunting task. The best way to start searching for free online games for your children is with a search engine such as Google. Type in phrases like "free online games children" or "children's free online games reviews." You can also search under specific toy manufacturers such as Fisher Price. This will get you started. Just make sure that the websites are legitimate and will not bombard you with pop-ups and advertising. Having a good pop-up stopper before you start is essential. It is also recommended that you try the games out yourself before you let your younger children play them. That way, you will know if it is a site you can trust and if it is something that will interest your child.


Four of the better free sites are described below:

Funschool ( is for preschool-aged to 6-year-old children. It features many different games. There are 4 areas: Time Warp, Globe Rider, Formula Fusion and Fun Blaster Arcade. There is also a completely separate area for preschool children that features coloring pages and games such as those that help teach the ABCs.

One of the games in the Time Warp area is "AARGH the Pirate." It teaches coordination. The child moves around an island using the mouse, stopping sharks from stealing treasure chests by hitting them on the head. It gradually speeds up, challenging the child.

Zeeks ( is for older children and young teens. There is some advertising on this site, but the ads are appropriate to the age group. There are many types of games featured, including arcade games, sports games, mind games and puzzles.

Among the games that can be played here is "Trivia Archer." The player shoots arrows at moving targets and a trivia question appears. The question is based on what topic that target features. Some of the targets also lose the player points. Of course, not all of the games are educational; the arcade games feature such games as pinball and bowling.

Funbrain ( features reading games, math games and arcade games. There are instruction pages for parents and teachers to help them navigate the site. The games are fun as well as educational.

One of the games is "Bumble Numbers." The player's cursor becomes a bee in this game. The child must move the bee over to a cloud, which blows the leaves off flowers, allowing a number to float away. The bee must catch this number and drop it in the flower that has a sum that adds up to this number.

Fisher-Price ( features games for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children.

One game for infants is "Laugh and Learn." The child presses a key or the space bar and a character pops up and says "Peek-a-boo!" Another game, which is for preschoolers, is "ABCs Zoo." It starts off playing the ABC song. The child types any letter, and an animal whose name starts with that letter appears and information is given about it.

There are many other good free game sites for children online, it just takes a little effort to find them. The sites mentioned in this article are for children alone. There are also quality games at Yahoo and Pogo. However, parents will not always know who their child will be exposed to on such sites, so Internet safety can be a concern. It is recommended that you only let your children play on these sites if you are playing with them.

By Uninvited Writer