Board Games

Guide to the best board games

Tired of the television? Nothing for you to do, and the family is stuck in a rut? Well it's time to revisit the entertaining world of board games. Family board games provide more than just fun - they can create communication, bond parents and children, and teach great lessons of fair play and healthy competition. Every family should have a game night. Here are some board games for you to explore:


Classic Board Games

Games like Monopoly, Sorry! and Pachesi (also called Parcheesi) have lasted the test of time for a reason. Involving multiple players, these vintage board games level the playing surface between adult and child. The right rolls of the dice or selection of cards can make even the novice a winner. It is healthy for kids to see adults lose, along with how they handle that loss. These games bring about a healthy competition that creates eagerness to play again and again.

Strategy Board Games

Games like Chess, Checkers, Risk and Stratego, to name a few, can be mentally stimulating. The downside is that some games are limited in terms of the number of players or are a little too complex for younger children. Nevertheless, these strategy board games can often enhance higher-order thinking and mental processes. They sure beat staring at a television screen or punching buttons on a video game console for hours on end!

Fun Board Games

Fun board games are games that are simply silly and make everyone laugh. Games such as Life, Cranium, Payday, Careers, Chutes and Ladders, and Candyland don't require much thought in terms of strategy, but their role-playing or picture-related rules allow people of all ages to relax and have a good time.

Educational Board Games

Trivial Pursuit is a well-known example of an educational board game, but there are many others. These tend to be more specialized in their knowledge requirements, yet they still can be fun for all. A great vintage board game of this nature, if you can find it, is Go to The Head of the Class.

Online Board Games / Computer Board Games

While there are Internet board games such as Yahoo! Chess, Monopoly and the like, the purpose of board games is to turn the electronics OFF and to engage in human interaction and fun. Some people who live alone, however, might enjoy the online board game world, complete with chat and profile features, and use it as a way to make new friends worldwide. Computer software board games can also be fun, but again, they take away that human interaction that we all so desperately need.

When it comes to board games, it is very hard to go wrong if you involve the family, communicate positively while in healthy competition, and set time aside to turn off the electronics and enjoy each other's company.

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