Kids Tees

Good Value in Kids' Tees

Of all of the things that kids wear, t-shirts are probably the most popular. Kids' tees are available in any kind of design imaginable, and in sizes to fit every kid. They are also available in a variety of price ranges. When it comes to kids' tees, you generally get what you pay for. For babies at the teething stage, buying second hand t-shirts is always a good idea, since they drool and spill food on them and they are often ready for the garbage as soon as the baby grows out of them.


Quality Versus Quantity in Kids' T-shirts

During the warm months, kids' t-shirts are probably worn once, then thrown in the wash. In this case, you want to either have a lot of t-shirts for them, or you want to buy good quality shirts that can withstand a lot of washing. For younger kids, there isn't much point in spending a lot on their shirts, unless they will be handed down to a sibling. Even then, the sibling may have different taste in clothes and not be too interested in wearing them.

Patterned Kids' Shirts

You can get kids' shirts with almost anything printed on them. Most kids aren't very interested in wearing plain shirts or striped shirts when they can wear shirts with team logos, superheroes or Star Wars characters on them. They also like to wear shirts advertising products that they like, such as Coke or Orange Crush. One of the big trends right now is skeletons. T-shirts with skeletons on them are available everywhere. They even make it into a lot of the camouflage shirts.

Buying Funny T-shirts for Kids

Many kids like to wear funny t-shirts. Funny kids' t-shirts usually have sayings on them or just funny pictures. These are often take offs on common expressions, such as the baby shirt that says "spit happens." There are also shirts that are references to popular movies, such as "come to the dark side, we have cookies." Funny t-shirts for kids may be more personal to the kids as well. For instance a gymnast with a shirt that says, "that's how I roll," or a pizza fan with a shirt that has the outline of the stomach with a slice of pizza inside it.