Kids Swimwear

Get wet with childrens swimwear

Children love to swim in the pool, play on the beach or do any activity, for that matter, that allows them to get wet. So are they wearing the right swimwear? Childrens swimwear has developed a great deal over the last 20 years. Department stores offer a variety of kids swimwear to choose from, along with all sorts of fun accessories. But what should you really be looking for in swimwear? Here are some things to consider:

The fabric

Certain fabrics are beneficial because they can be very eye-catching, meaning you won't easily lose your child among the other children in the wave pool. These fabrics include nylon, polyester, lycra and vinyl. They also tend to dry very quickly, which means your child's skin won't be uncomfortably wet for very long after getting out of the water.


Float features

Floating swimsuits are designed to make children feel more confident in the water. However, these devices should never be used as a replacement for the watchful eye of a parent. Also, before purchasing a floatsuit, make sure that it is authentic and is approved by water safety specialists. Floatsuits should not be used too long, however, as the child may become dependent on it over time and refuse to go in the water without one.

Sun protection

Some types of children swimwear are designed to protect children's skin from the sun. The suits are made from a UV-protective material and are still meant for the water. These types of swimsuits also offer more body coverage than other swimsuits, reducing the risk of sunburn. However, unlike the sun protection wear of the past (i.e., an oversized white t-shirt), today's protective swimwear is lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

In addition to the right protective suit, children should still wear sunscreen, along with hats and sunglasses. An alternative to the sun-protection swimsuit is to purchase a swimsuit coverup for your child's existing swimwear.

Girls vs. boys

Naturally, girls swimwear is different from boys swimwear. Boys swimwear is usually in the form of swim trunks. These are light and comfortable, but leave the chest open to the sun, putting boys at greater risk for sunburn. Girls swimwear, on the other hand, comes in many different styles, including one-pieces, two-pieces and bikinis.

Swimsuit alternatives

One alternative to traditional swimwear is a wetsuit. Kids wetsuits are perfect for the beach because they keep children more covered and prevent chills.

Another option is a UV rash guard. This vest or shirt is designed for style, comfort and protection from harmful UV rays. It can easily be worn with boys' trunks or girls' bikini bottoms.

When it comes to fun in the sun, the right swimwear is essential. Balance style and comfort with sun and water safety features, and finding the perfect swimsuit for your child will be a breeze!