Kids Sweaters

Styles of Kids' Sweaters

Depending on what you are looking for, kid' sweaters can cost a little or a lot. There are kids' sweaters for summer that are lightweight, and kids' winter sweaters that can be as warm as a coat. The styles of sweaters for kids range from hoodies to pullovers, v-neck and scoop neck, and shorter cropped sweaters and cardigans for girls.


When Kids' Cardigans Are Practical

Cardigans are a great option for kids. They are available with or without hoods, with zippers or buttons, with pockets, and in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Kids' cardigans are great for a chilly day, or under a coat in the winter to keep them warm when they get to school. When buying a cardigan with buttons, however, it is important to make sure that your child is able to do them up, or they may end up being cold after all. Girls tend to be more likely to wear cardigans than boys.

Pullover Sweaters for Kids

Probably the most practical sweater for kids is the pullover. It comes in every color and pattern imaginable, so there is bound to be something that your kid likes. Whether it is in argyle or stripes, or even flowers, your child is more likely to wear a sweater and keep warm if they like the pattern. It is a good idea for parents to let the kids help pick out the sweater, so they can be sure of them wearing it. Girls, particularly if they have long hair, often tend to shy away from wearing pullovers, because they can snag and mess up their hair.

The Practicality of Kids' Wool Sweaters

For colder months, wool is a popular material for sweaters. One problem with kids' wool sweaters is that they may find them itchy, and end up not wearing them. This may be simply the wool, or may be the sign of a wool allergy. A good wool sweater can cost a minimum of $50.00 for boys, usually more for girls because of added details, so it is important to know that your child will be comfortable enough in it to wear it a sufficient amount to make it worth the money spent.

Keep Kids' Cashmere Sweaters for Special Occasions

A softer sweater material, that can also be quite pricey is cashmere. Kids' cashmere sweaters are available at several high end stores, and can cost anywhere from $60.00 to somewhere in the range of $250.00. Perhaps this is something that can be kept for special occasions, because it would be quite upsetting to have something that expensive be ruined by a grass or ketchup stain.