Kids Shorts

Summer is For Kids' Shorts

In the summer, shorts are the basic uniform for most boys. Girls like shorts as well, but often will add dresses and skirts into the mix. Kids' shorts come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and price ranges. The basics are available at places like Target and Wal-Mart, although they also offer some more upscale styles as well. Cut off denim jeans are very popular, especially for girls who like to roll them up very short.


Shorts for Kids Last Longer Than Most Clothes

Whether buying for a boy or a girl, you can generally buy shorts for kids all year round. Shorts are used for sports and other athletics, vacations to warmer climates throughout the year, and gym time at school. One advantage of shorts is that while kids grow out of their other clothes, their shorts often still fit, they just seem a little shorter.

Styles of Kids' Board Shorts

Whether they are being used to surf, swim or simply as shorts, kids' board shorts are very fashionable and comfortable for boys. They come in a variety of styles, and often have shirts that match them. Board shorts for boys are generally baggy and come down to their knees. Board shorts for girls, on the other hand, are often much shorter. They also have great patterns, but may have added ruffles and embellishments that make them more suited to girls. They are very similar to the shorts girls would wear every day, except they are made out of fabrics that are more water friendly.

Features of Kids' Soccer Shorts

Soccer is a popular sport for kids to play. Usually the kids' soccer shorts match the shirt or are a more neutral shade like black. All of the major sporting goods labels, such as Adidas and Nike have their own soccer shorts, available in almost any color imaginable. The shorts come in a few different styles, but are always quite comfortable and loose. Many of the kids soccer shorts are based on the US Soccer Team design and have some of the same features. They are made of dri-FIT fabric, to help wick away the sweat, and they have mesh panels that allow for ventilation.

Buying Kids' Gym Shorts for School

Because they may be worn quite often between being brought home for washing, kids' gym shorts need to be durable. They are usually made out of a cotton/polyester blend and are meant to be worn comfortably loose. The same shorts are often made to be worn by both boys and girls. Some higher end shorts are made of moisture wicking material to make them more comfortable during sports. They have elastic or drawstring waists so they are quick and easy to change in and out of. They are often in the school colors, although the darker color is usually more practical for keeping grass and dirt stains from showing.