Kids Jackets

The Importance of Kids' Jackets

If there is one thing that is hard to predict, it is the weather. Sending a child out in the morning, whether to school or on a weekend, it's not always easy to know how to dress them. That's why kids' jackets are so important. They can make the difference between a warm, happy child and a wet miserable child. It is important that the child like the jacket, or it may end up disappearing into the bottom of the back pack.


It's Good to Have a Variety of Kids' Coats

Having a few versatile options in kids' coats is usually the best bet. For instance, a rain coat that can fold up into a pocket of a back pack is useful, or a jacket with a removable liner can be good as well. Chances are, the jacket your kid leaves the house wearing in the morning will not be what they're wearing when they come home at night.

Versatile Kids' Rain Coats

Kids' rain coats come in a wide variety of prices and styles. A basic windbreaker can keep the rain off for a short time, but a real rain coat can be bought for as little as $20.00, and can keep the rain off them completely. Many of these are packable and require another layer, a fleece for example, underneath them for added warmth. More old fashioned rain slickers, even available in the familiar yellow, cost closer to $50.00. Some companies, such as Land's End, even have styles with a "grow-a-long" feature. This allows the arms to get longer as your child get s bigger. This is a great money saver.

A Variety of Kids' Winter Coats

Winter coats in general seem to be getting lighter and brighter. Kids' winter coats are no exception. In many cases they are sold as sets with matching snow pants, but they are also available on their own. They are often made of lightweight down, and they can be quite waterproof as well. Many are available with zip off hoods, and liners that remove for washing. One great feature of the down jackets is that they are machine washable. If you hang them to dry then throw them into the dryer with a tennis ball, they will puff up again as good as new.

Kids' Outerwear and Accessories

Other kids' outerwear that is useful, depending on the season, includes snow and rain pants. Most kids love spending time outside, whether it's raining or snowing. Rain pants can help protect their pants from getting wet, although very few are truly waterproof. Snow pants, on the other hand, are usually very effective at keeping your child warm and dry through hours of fun in the snow and on the ski hills. Down vests are also a great item for in between seasons. Worn with a fleece underneath, they can be very warm. Obviously hats and gloves are also important. Nylon covered gloves are especially useful if your child likes to play in the snow. They can keep the hands dry for much longer than fleece gloves.