Kid Shoes

Popular shoes for babies and kids

Part of the fun of having a baby or small child is getting to dress them. Sure, getting the clothes on may be a hard task sometimes, but no one can deny that there are few things as adorable as a cutely dressed baby or young child. Today, it seems there are more footwear options for youngsters than there were 15 to 20 years ago. Here's a list of the most popular shoes for babies and young children:

Grown-Up Shoes, Small Sizes

Miniature name-brand athletic and casual shoes are very popular with parents these days. Everywhere you look, babies and kids are wearing little Nike and Adidas shoes, and even Converse Chucks. Almost all major athletic and casual shoe brands now have child and infant footwear lines - and for the most part, they have maintained the style and durability that has made them so popular. From under $10.


Character Shoes

Shoes and slippers with images of popular children's characters on them are another universal hit. Some of the most popular characters kids like to wear on their feet include Spiderman, Curious George and characters from Thomas the Tank Engine, Bratz and Disney's Cars. From under $10.


Crocs have become wildly popular with parents and youngsters alike. These unique shoes, which can best be describe as plastic clogs with holes, were pioneered by a company from Quebec and released to the public by Crocs Inc. in 2002. They were meant to be boating shoes, but their comfortable, slip-resistant design made them a big hit with the general public too. There are a number of companies that produce similarly styled-shoes at a lower cost. Crocs and similar shoes are available in a wide range of colors. From $20.

Rolling Shoes

Heelys are another recent hit with the kids. The company by the same name pioneered a shoe that looks like a conventional athletic shoe, but contains wheels in the soles that can be activated or deactivated by foot motion - one minute you're walking, the next minute you're rolling down the street. These shoes have been emulated by other companies as well. From $30.

Plain Old Rubber Boots

Classics never go out of style, and traditional rubber boots are as popular as ever. They have a classic look, and are great for keeping feet clean and dry. Comfortable, useful, durable and available in many different styles and colors, rubber boots are here to stay. From under $10.