Kids Clothing

Keep your kids in comfort and style with affordable shoes and clothing

Long before they're ready to worry about sizing and designers, kids take an interest in what they wear. While they may be inclined to combine woolly socks with a rain hat, your job as a parent is to make sure they dress for safety and comfort.

The first place to start in your little one's wardrobe is with their feet - children's shoes have come a long way in the past few years, both in style and in comfort. Have a look at our article on the top shoe trends that please both children and adults, and from there you can work your way up to a complete ensemble.


However, don't be so quick to laugh when your child does emerge in that floppy rain hat - it could be a smart choice. With the sun's damaging UV rays, clothing selection has become a form of safety precaution, from sunglasses and hats to the latest in protective swimwear to keep your child safe on the beach.

Just remember: while your kids may love dressing themselves, you're there to make sure they leave the house dressed to face the world. So, experiment together and see what you can come up with!

Find durable garments that won't break the bank

Styles can change quickly, but there are some classic kid-pleasing looks that can satisfy your children while saving you money. As far as footwear goes, consider your child's age: a toddler can probably get by with a nice pair of soft and comfy shoes, while an energetic six year-old would wear down flimsy footwear in a matter of days. Look around for non-name brands and consider plastic or rubber styles that will stand up to hours of play in order to keep your kid happy and comfortable.

When shopping for swim wear and summer clothing, you'll want to strike a balance between comfort and protection. Get some tips on the best new trends in sun-protective clothing and swimwear that will keep your child comfortable in the sun while blocking the harmful UV rays.

Likewise, when on the hunt for cold weather gear, your primary goal should be to protect your little one against the elements. Remember that children are less able to preserve body warmth than adults, so play it safe and dress your child in multiple layers. If he or she gets too hot, you can always remove a layer.

Keeping it clean

Children's clothing can get worn out quickly, but thoughtful purchasing and careful cleaning can keep their wardrobe from falling apart at the seams. Although many brands are designed to stand up to any wash and dry cycle, take extra care with costumes and dress-up outfits, which are often more delicate than conventional outerwear. And when it comes to summer wear, you'll definitely want to pay attention to fabric type.

Children tend to have much more sensitive skin than adults and some laundry detergents can irritate their skin, so you'll want to make sure that you purchase an appropriate detergent. You don't necessarily need to purchase an expensive, organic washing detergent, but be mindful of what you bring home from the store. We recommend looking for a detergent that says on the packaging that it's safe for children's skin. It's worth it to spend a bit extra and you can make up the difference if you shop smart and use laundry detergent coupons.