Playroom Furniture

Must-have items for your child's playroom

If you want your children to enjoy the time they spend in their playroom (and if you'd like to keep them out of your hair a little longer), what items are kids playroom must-haves? Functional, with the emphasis on fun, should be the focus when choosing the furniture for your child's playroom. With a little imagination, you can create a wonderful and fun playroom any child will love.

Kids Playroom Furniture

A set of children's table and chairs can be a great centerpiece for any playroom, which will give your child a place to eat their snacks, draw, color and work on arts and crafts projects. These child-size furniture sets come in a variety of materials and styles, from simple plastic to elaborate wooden picnic benches. The key here is practicality and durability, with the size of the playroom in mind.


Your child will appreciate some additional seating in the form of a child-size recliner, beanbag chair or another type of comfortable chair they can curl up in. When deciding on children's chairs, pay careful attention to safety. Make sure the chair is sturdy and won't tip over easily.

Activity Centers

The sky's the limit when it comes to the different types of activity centers available. Besides the classic doll house, another popular idea to consider is a kids kitchen – your child will love pretending they are a world-class chef! Kids kitchens also teach children to enjoy cooking, which will be useful when they're older; and you could use the extra help too.

Do you have a budding artist in the family? A children's easel or art center would no doubt be the first choice in that case. Most children's easels come as part of a set, with colorful tubs to hold all of their art supplies built right in. Choose a quality easel with a sturdy drawing surface, and plenty of room for your child to create their special works of art.


One of the key points to keeping the playroom neat and tidy is having plenty of storage space. The first piece of furniture you should look for is a bookshelf. Encourage their love of reading with a small bookcase to hold their favorite books, placed next to that comfortable kids chair you bought.

No playroom would be complete without a toy box. If you prefer to keep your child's toys out of sight when the playroom is not in use, you'll probably opt for the standard toy box that conceals everything inside. Look for a toy box with a lid that stays open on its own, to prevent it from smashing down on little fingers.

Another option you might consider is a cubby type storage system, which can be a great space-saver and serve the fame function as a closet organizer. Available in colorful plastic or woven baskets, these toy storage units can be especially practical for families with children who want to keep their toys separated from their other siblings.

The Finishing Touch

Now that you've chosen all of the major pieces of furniture, adding some wall décor can really give your child's playroom the fun environment you're looking for. For families on a budget, consider buying a few extra copies of your child's favorite storybooks at garage sales. Choose the illustrated pages you'd like to display, carefully pull them out and frame them. This can be an inexpensive way to really bring the playroom walls to life.

Last but not least, you'll need to purchase a couple of colorful rugs or play mats. Children tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, so choose something comfortable they use.

By Alaina M. Coyle