Kids Playrooms

Decorating playrooms: How to incorporate storage into your child's playroom

The one room in your house that you dread to go into is probably your child's playroom. If you are even able to open the door, you will find toys and books scattered about the room, tossed from here to there. Looking for a certain toy in the room is always a mission for your child, and he or she finds many toys broken from being stepped on or tossed in the corner at cleanup time.

Fear not! There are several options for storing the toys in the playroom. You can use traditional shelving and toy boxes, or you can get creative with secret hideaways and cubbyholes to contain the clutter in the room.


One fun way to add storage is to use colorful ottomans with lids around the room. These ottomans are useful for storing the clutter inside of them and are comfy enough to use as seating at your child's video game center, desk or art table. Stick to one color, or purchase ottomans of different colors and textures to make the room colorful and interesting.

Another option is using plastic milk crates around the room to store smaller toys in. These crates can be used as single items, or two or three of them may be stacked on top of each other to use up less floor space. The crates can be spray-painted in fun colors to match your child's room decor.

There are a lot of household items that may be used as storage also. For instance, using baskets on a bookshelf to contain your child's games or crayons and coloring books is a cheap and easy way to store these smaller items. These baskets may be identical in shape and color, or you can use several different shapes and spray-paint them whatever color(s) you'd like. You may also use your hot glue gun to attach pretty faux flowers or fun shapes from your local craft store. Looping or tying ribbons around the baskets is another easy decorating idea. Remember to use a furniture strap to fasten the bookshelf to the wall to prevent tipping.

Another item to incorporate into the room is an over-the-door shoe organizer. The many pockets in the organizer are handy for storing dolls in an easy-to-reach place for playtime. Take your child to the craft section in your department store to pick out patches or foam shapes, and then sew them on the pockets to add a personal touch.

Another easy way to store toys and stuffed animals is to use a toy net. A toy net is a piece of material, preferably some type of netting, that is affixed to the wall in the corner of the room. You can buy a toy net at many department stores, or you can make your own out of whatever type of material, and in whatever color, you please. Installing a toy net in one corner or in every corner of the room makes great storage for those teddy bears and other stuffed friends.

Whether you shop at your local department store or prefer to use something you already have in your home, there are many different items that work well and look great for storing toys, books and more in your child's playroom. Be creative, and have fun!

By Brandi Borland