Kids Bedding

Style + comfort = a good night's sleep

When choosing the best bedding for your child, there are a few basic ideas that can help you make the right decisions. With all of the different designs, materials and colors to sort through, it might be easy to become overwhelmed. Three key factors to keep in mind are the age of your child, the theme of their bedroom, and of course, your budget.

Making the Right Choice

While it is essential to get the opinion of your child when choosing the bedding for a kids bedroom, remember that children outgrow their tastes almost as fast as they outgrow their clothes. Your son's favorite television show right now may be Blue's Clues, and you think he might like his room to be decorated as such. However, in a year or two, will he still be watching the show? Probably not. If you don't want to be burdened with the necessity of having to purchase new bedding every year (or less), be careful that you don't limit yourself with age-inspired themes.


Coordinating childrens bedding with the theme of the bedroom gives the room a finished, balanced look that can be welcoming and inviting for the child. That being said, it is not crucial that every piece of bedding has to match. As was mentioned, the theme of the room should be one that your child enjoys, but won't grow bored with. Some kids bedding focuses on color coordination or gender-specific themes, such as flowers for girls and cars for boys. Certain pieces of bedding, like pillows or a throw blanket, can be purchased with your child's current favorite cartoon character in a matching color that will accent the bedding, rather than dominate it.

What to Buy

Kids bed sheets, blankets and comforters can be purchased as a matching set, or bought separately. If you buy a set, make sure that it includes not only both sheets, but pillowcases as well. It is always a good idea to buy at least two sets of sheets, especially if your child still has the occasional "accident" at night.

Besides the color and design, another factor to consider is the material. During the summer, cotton is usually the best choice for bed sheets, while during the cold winter months your child will most likely prefer jersey knit or flannel.

When it comes to the blankets, there is a wide variety to choose from, including comforters, quilts, bedspreads and coverlets. Bedspreads are generally light with minimal insulation, with patterns on both sides. Coverlets and quilts are heavier than standard blankets, but are more decorative than functional. Kids comforters tend to be a good choice as they are heavy enough to be used alone, but can also be layered with other blankets as needed. If you have decided on a comforter and realize it's not machine washable, consider buying a duvet cover, which can be easily removed and washed.

As every parent knows, kids can be hard on their clothes, furniture and toys – and kid bedding is no exception! While making your selections, look for bedding that is machine washable and dryable. A beautiful hand-stitched quilt or puffy down comforter might look tempting, but keep an eye out for "dry-clean only" labels, and avoid them if you can.

Discount Kid Bedding

For families on a budget, there is a wide selection of discount kid bedding available in stores and online. And don't think that shopping for discount kid bedding means you're not getting quality bedding - in most cases, these bargain stores offer bedding at discounted prices simply because certain items have become overstocked or the pattern has been discontinued.

Wherever you shop, and whatever style you choose, your child will certainly appreciate the time and consideration you put into choosing the best bedding that's just right for them.

By Alaina M. Coyle