Childrens Furniture

Discover stylish yet affordable bedroom and playroom furniture

What little girl hasn't dreamed of the perfect fairytale bedroom? And what parent hasn't dreamed of a kids' room that stays tidy? If you're a parent looking to give your little boy or girl the room of their dreams - with a little sensible storage and growing room built in - you've come to the right place!

Planning a space for a child usually starts with choosing furniture pieces that are both sensible and fun. Storage furniture has come a long way in both design and style. Look for pieces that do double duty, like beds with storage drawers or storage bins with cushy tops for seating, and you'll find ample room for stowing away the toys and treasures of your little ones.


Once the practical is out of the way, use your imagination! Theme rooms are great for children - whether your child is drawn to modern-day cartoon characters or classic western or princess themes, you can create a bedroom that is out of this world, for a price that is very down to earth.

What to Look for in Children's Furniture

Although your child's favorite color will factor into your decision, the most important features of bedroom or playroom furniture are storage and function. As you know, playtime takes priority over clean-up time, so accessible drawers and compartments will come in handy. And remember, the furniture you choose will need to be strong enough to stand up to your kids' energy.

Look into furnishings with storage space or items that have more than one function to cut down on the amount of gear you'll need to squeeze into a given room. For instance, a bed with drawers will let you stow away clothing or toys, while a solid children's table and chairs can transform a playroom into an artist's studio or a dining room set in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to design, you'll want to round off your kid's preferences with a good dose of foresight. Since tastes change quickly, think hard about revamping a room with an exceptionally bright color or cartoon theme that could be out of style before you know it. Instead, it will be cheaper and easier to keep a modest color palette and add some fun accessories now and then to keep up with your child's favorite trends.

For families on a budget, look for sales and inclusive sets instead of opting for one piece at a time. You can get some great deals on bedding sets with discontinued patterns, and garage sales frequently offer gently used pieces of children's furniture that will work perfectly in your home. Regardless of the room that it will fill, be sure that any furniture you buy will be as safe as it is sturdy—look for cushioned or rounded edges and promptly repair any wear and tear.