Youth Sports

The benefits of team sports

With television, video games and the Internet, it is becoming more and more difficult to get children active and out of the house. It is often necessary these days to provide children with scheduled physical activity. Involving your children in kids sports has two major benefits: Team sports contribute to better health, and they help kids develop social skills.

Childhood obesity has reached staggering numbers and continues to climb. According to the National Institute of Health, one in five American children is overweight. Obese children show health symptoms such as:


The team aspect of youth sports leagues teaches cooperation, communication and leadership. These skills will improve your child's academic life and social life, and will help him or her succeed later on in the workforce.

Sport Options

The sport you choose for your child will depend partly on his or her personality, partly on your budget, and partly on your tolerance for injury potential. The most popular choices are:

Youth Sports Fundraising

Many sports leagues run by parents or sponsored by schools rely on community fundraisers. The money raised is needed to purchase basic equipment, uniforms and transportation to games. Teams must come up with some creative fundraising ideas in order to meet their goals, such as:

Nowadays, it may be necessary to approach corporations and businesses to invest in a sports team. Well-written fundraising letters can help to break the ice. Be sure that the letter introduces your team and explains why it is a worthy cause. Make a specific request, and explain how the donation will be acknowledged.