Youth Basketball

Sending your child to youth basketball camp

Shooting hoops is not only great exercise but has tremendous benefits for a child's physical and character development. Basketball requires a great deal of hand-eye coordination, as well as the patience and perseverance to develop skills such as dribbling, shooting, and layups.

If you think your child might be the next Kobe Bryant, or if you just want to help your child develop in a sport he or she enjoys, consider enrolling him or her in a youth basketball program. Many major cities have at least one youth basketball association, and skills programs or youth basketball leagues can also be accessed through organizations like the YMCA.


Youth Basketball Camp

One of the most common forms of youth basketball education is the youth basketball camp, a short-term program focused on skill development in the context of fun and games. These camps are often run through youth basketball associations, organizations like the YMCA, and schools. Some professional teams even have camps associated with them. There are also a number of private basketball camps and youth basketball lessons.

Camps are usually a week in length and take place over school holidays (March break, summer). Most run during school hours and include a variety of activities, alternating various skills sessions and youth basketball drills with games, contests, and entertainment. Participants are generally matched by skill level, but may also be grouped according to age within each level.

Youth Basketball Uniforms

Youth basketball play is far less rough than contact sports like youth football or youth hockey, so the danger of injury is significantly smaller and therefore, less equipment is needed. In fact, all that's really needed for basketball is a uniform and a good pair of shoes.

Youth basketball uniforms are generally quite similar to professional basketball uniforms -- a sleeveless top and loose knee-length shorts. For basketball camps or lessons, t-shirts and athletic shorts are generally acceptable.

Shoes are perhaps the most important part of the youth basketball uniform, since the game involves a great deal of running and fancy footwork (pivots, jumps, etc.). Shoes should offer good ankle support as well as arch support and should be flexible but sturdy. They should also absorb impact to protect the joints during jumps.