Sports Camp

Sports camps keep kids active during summer

Each year, thousands of sports camps launch sessions all around the country. Many are focused on single sports, including everything from basketball, baseball, hockey and sailing to swimming, gymnastics, tennis, and soccer. These camps are designed to help children improve their athletic abilities and enhance social bonds with other like-minded kids.

Christian sports camps are also available. At a Christian sports camp, athletics are combined with a spiritual component to create a complete visitor experience. Many of these camps – both religious and non-religious ones – have well-known coaches and accomplished athletes on their coaching and instructional staff.


Popular Activities at Summer Sports Camp

The activities offered at a varied summer sports camp are virtually endless. Summer sports camp offers much more than the usual arts and crafts and sing-alongs by the campfire. Even though many sports camps have a main focus, such as basketball or gymnastics, other recreational opportunities are often offered to campers. For example, children attending a volleyball camp may also participate in activities such as:

The additional recreational activities offered will depend on the type of camp the child is attending. However, most of these popular camp sports will be offered at most facilities. Horseback riding camp is another popular alternative for kids who love horses.

Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Kids to a Sports Camp

There are several questions parents may want to ask to ensure their child's summer sports camp experience is both positive and safe. Besides choosing a sport which their child will enjoy, parents need to decide whether they want to send their child to an overnight or residential camp.

If it's a residential camp, ask about the procedures that match campers with roommates or cabin mates. Make sure you understand the camp's supervision policies and ask what meals are provided, and what foods are offered. You'll also need to know if the facility is a single-sex or co-ed camp. Sports camp insurance is usually required for campers to participate in activities, and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children are properly insured.

A summer sports camp offers children many opportunities to grow and learn. Sports camp helps build confidence and encourages good health through regular physical activity. A sports camp is an excellent way to help children maintain a healthy activity level during the summer months. In addition to staying active, children will have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, make memories and build habits that will last a lifetime.