Playground Equipment

Finding the right residential playground equipment

Outdoor playground equipment is a great way to get your kids some outdoor activity, along with some exercise that's fun. School playground equipment is a great start, but what do you look for when you're purchasing playground exercise equipment for your own backyard?

Buying Playground Equipment

The first thing to keep in mind when buying home playground equipment is always safety. Look for something sturdy and reliable. Wooden playground equipment is great in this regard because it's usually solidly built.


If you don't want to permanently install a huge equipment playground in your backyard, it's possible to find smaller indoor playground equipment or plastic playground equipment that works both inside and out.

Jungle Gym

Installing climbers in your backyard is one of the best ways to get your child excited about going outdoors. A jungle gym, complete with a climbing rope and some monkey bars, is the perfect outlet for imaginative play, and it's good for exercise as well.

A Swing Is the Thing

A swing is a great way for a kid to get exercise, and creating an outdoor swing can be as simple as tying a tire or a piece of wood to a sturdy tree branch. A wooden swing or tire swing provides hours of fun and adds a touch of simplicity and charm to a backyard and can also be a great use of old tires.

Swing Sets

If one swing isn't enough, you may need to upgrade to a swing set. An outdoor swing set usually includes at least two individual swings as well as a two-seater, and perhaps even a slide.

When you're looking for a child swing set, remember that although wooden swing sets look great and can last a long time, they tend to be larger and more elaborate than a swing set kit. A wood swing set may also require maintenance such as sanding, staining and weather treating. Carefully consider your options and have an idea of how much time and money you want to invest before you go shopping for a backyard swing set.

Playground Slide

If you don't have a swing set slide, consider adding an inflatable slide to your backyard playground. Slides are also a fun addition to a swimming pool – just make sure the pool is deep enough and enforce safety rules such as "feet first" and "one at a time".


A mini trampoline is a very affordable way to add a bit more bounce to your backyard or indoor play area. A kid trampoline virtually guarantees that your children will get a ton of exercise, and they're sure to have huge smiles on their faces while they do.