Kids Photography

Tips for choosing the best camera for your child

I still recall the days when I would drop the 110 film cartridge (remember those?) into my chunky, blue, double-viewfinder Fisher Price camera and then head out to shoot the world or at least the backyard – I wasn't allowed to cross the street back then! A child's first camera can be a fun experience for him or her. It allows creativity through photography – something that could grow into a hobby or even a career.


Camera film is quickly heading the same direction as cassettes and vinyl records. Traditional cameras are still available, but film plus developing expenses make them a bit cost-prohibitive, especially for a youngster. Plus, kids hate to wait for film to be developed; a digital camera gives them instant gratification.

Disney, Fisher Price and Little Tykes are a few toy manufacturers that offer digital cameras specifically for children. Both Fisher Price's and Little Tykes' models offer a double viewfinder and LCD screen. Disney's cameras range from a barebones digital to a three-megapixel advanced unit.