Gymnastics Lessons

A fun and creative outlet for all children

Of the many kids activities, gymnastics lessons are a great way for children to participate in group sports and are great exercise. The gymnastics they gravitate toward most are usually those that include an apparatus like the balance beam, uneven parallel bars as well as floor exercises. These have been popularized by the Olympics and by other exhibitions and competitions.


Benefits of Gymnastics

The benefits of gymnastics lessons for children are physical coordination and development of motor skills. Beginner gymnastic classes afford the child the opportunity to learn how to tumble safely, how to use their balance properly and how to maximize their muscle coordination. Another benefit of gymnastics for children is developing a good sense of timing and precision.

Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics classes should never be overpopulated. As with regular school classes, the larger the group, the less value the student receives from the class. Overpopulated gymnastic classes can be hazardous, even with numerous gymnastic instructors and spotters on hand. Most gymnastic classes are scheduled regularly for maximum benefit to the student. Depending on the number of students and their ages, classes are approximately one to two hours in length.

Gymnastics Private Lessons

Gymnastics private lessons are helpful for very socially shy students or those who feel more comfortable learning in a less populated atmosphere. Private lessons are more expensive than regular gymnastic classes, but the extra attention and concentration on the individual student can allow skills and talents to develop more quickly.

Kids Gymnastics

Kids gymnastics includes learning to roll forward and backward smoothly and fluidly, front splits and straddle splits, and limbering movements like backbends that improve flexibility. When these are easily accomplished, floor exercise movements such as front limber and back limber are also incorporated. Kids gymnastics classes may also include introduction to balance beam (not Olympic regulation size), uneven parallel bars and the pummel horse. Using these at moderate heights (proportional to the size of young children) will allow them to graduate to regulation-size equipment more easily.

Depending on the child's own interest, initiative and ambitions, gymnastics lessons require constant practice. Generally, if a student loses interest in practice after the first year, it becomes clear that kids gymnastics may be only a passing interest. This is a very important consideration for parents who register children in gymnastic classes that require a contract with payment in advance. It's important that parents choose a school that can retain their child's interest.