Drum Lessons

Finding local drum lessons for kids

Let's face it: most parents aren't exactly thrilled when their son or daughter wants to take up the drums. Drums are large, expensive, noisy instruments, and if not played properly, they are less musical instruments than infernal racket-makers. Played correctly, however, they are an essential part of most modern musical genres.

If your child would like to try his or her hand at "hitting the skins," you'll almost certainly want to find local drum lessons. The sooner drummers know what they're doing, the sooner what they produce sounds like actual music.


Drum Lessons for Kids

Like guitar, piano, or violin lessons, drum lessons can help develop children's concentration, coordination, and discipline. Learning to play a musical instrument takes patience and practice, and children get an incredible sense of accomplishment from each new level they achieve. Musical instruments also require care and maintenance, so they are an excellent way to teach children about responsibility.

If you're looking to enrol your child in beginner drum lessons, you will first have to decide between group and private lessons. Group classes are the most affordable option and tend to be sufficient for basic drum lessons, such as the various parts of a drum kit, proper positioning, how to create different sounds, and so on. However, once your child progresses to the point of wanting to learn particular songs and skills, private drum lessons are likely the better option. These provide students with individual attention and feedback, and because they are the sole focus, students tend to progress faster.

Because drums are fairly expensive, you might find it best to rent or borrow a kit until you're sure your child is serious about playing. Some larger music schools provide equipment for lessons, and some private instructors may also allow students to use their kits until they can procure their own.

When looking for a drum teacher, try to find someone with whom your child can quickly develop a rapport and who is willing to provide lessons specifically tailored to your child. This will keep you from spending money (and your child from spending time) on things your child doesn't really want to know. Plus, the more interested they are in what's being taught (the particular songs, for example), the more likely they are to practice, which is really the key to mastering any instrument.

Online Drum Lessons

As with most other instruments, there are a variety of drum lessons available to download or stream for free on the Internet. YouTube videos can be great resources for getting started and for reviewing particular techniques, but unless your child is incredibly self-directed, you will likely find in-person lessons more effective.