Acting Camp

Acting camps for children and teens

If you would like your child to have a completely new kind of summer camp experience, acting camp is an exciting option. Acting camp is an excellent way to encourage your child to try something new and nurture his or her natural creativity. There are many different types of acting camps, including both competitive camps and those that are just for fun, and the programs offered vary greatly; doing your research is an essential part of finding the right fit for your son or daughter.


Activities at Acting Summer Camp

Just as the types of activities offered at teen summer camp vary greatly, so do those at special drama camps for young adults. Many teen acting camps are geared toward young adults who already show an aptitude for acting and are enthusiastic about pursuing a career in the career in the entertainment industry. These camps offer activities that cover the entire dramatic spectrum, from screenwriting and filmmaking to special effects and directing.

Other acting camps are aimed at kids who just enjoy getting up on stage and venting some creative steam. These camps feature activities such as costume design and education in the history of stage and screen acting. Rather than preparing kids for acting careers, this kind of summer acting camp is designed solely for fun.

Questions To Ask a Summer Acting Camp Director

When you research an acting camp, you should know the answers to these questions to make sure the setting is right for your child:

Acting camps are among the most creative and entertaining ways your child can spend the summer. Kids who participate in acting camps open up their minds to a whole new world of possibilities. Upon returning home, many of the participants express a desire to continue acting and join local theater groups or school drama programs. Acting camp can truly plant the seeds for a lifelong passion.