Kids Activities

Fun activities for kids of all ages

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a parent is watching your child develop interests and hobbies that are uniquely their own. As a parent, you want to be there to encourage and foster this emerging personality, helping it grow and develop, while rolling with the punches when it seems to change on a whim.

A great way to support children as they learn is to get them involved in activities that interest them. From nurturing the artist within through craft projects and art classes to harnessing your child's rambunctious energy into something constructive like outdoor games or team sports, you can inspire your child to get involved in a whole world of new and exciting activities.


If your child favors the indoors and enjoys reading, movies or all things gadget, you can encourage a love of learning from an early age by taking part in their pastime. We've got great tips on choosing appropriate books, movies and electronics that will have you getting hands-on with your child's hobby.

This week it could be hockey, next week video games or even piano – whatever it is, encourage experimentation and watch your child grow. And don't forget to have a little fun yourself!

Fun Ideas for Kids Activities

The best activities for kids are those that engage your child's intellect and creativity while offering exercise or physical activity. That's one of the reasons sports are such a popular pastime for children of all ages and both sexes. They teach valuable lessons about fair play, sportsmanship and competition while encouraging strategic thought…and all that comes on top of a good physical workout!

Arts and crafts offer many of these benefits as well. They are less physically demanding, though some arts and crafts are excellent at developing a child's manual dexterity. However, what they lack in physical exercise they more than make up for in creative stimulation. Arts and crafts like drawing, painting, printmaking, sewing, needlecraft and art for art's sake all have the potential to challenge your child and help him or her discover the artist within.

Other popular activities include swimming lessons, horseback riding, gymnastics, singing lessons and musical instrument classes, acting, electronics, photography and pets. Basically, if your child shows an interest in a particular area, there's a class or group out there he or she can join to learn more about it. Encourage your child at all times to challenge him or herself and grow creatively, physically and intellectually.