Fundraising Ideas

Great fundraising options for your organization

Kids are great, but the stuff they want to do sure can be expensive. Whether your child is involved in youth sports like little league baseball or soccer, dance, cheerleading, band or a club like boy scouts or girl scouts, there's a good chance that you'll be asked to do some fundraising at some point.

The world of fundraising provides a variety of products and services to help you generate funds for your child's school or organization. One of the most popular questions about fundraising is "what are the top-selling fundraisers?" This list of the top 5 fundraisers is our answer.


Auction Fundraising

Auction fundraisers are loads of fun, and represent a shorter but more intensive time commitment amongst participants inside of your organization. By placing adequate but reasonable reserve prices on big-ticket items, you can ensure a moderate profit. Depending on how generous the crowd is, how attractive your choices of products and services, and your auctioneer's skill, the profits can soar beyond imagination. A well-run auction is a spectacle that's enjoyed by all whether bidding or mainly watching. As well, since all bids must be paid immediately, there's no issue with collecting payments after the fact.

Candy Fundraising

It's easy to see why candy and chocolate-based fundraisers have become a mainstay of fundraising operations for most schools, hospitals, and non-profits. Chocolate is widely known and very popular, making it extremely easy to sell. Chocolate is also relatively inexpensive, with high profit margins built in. Another viable option is lollipops.

Magazine Fundraising

Magazine fundraising is one of the easiest, fastest, and long-lasting options for fundraising for schools, non-profits and other organizations. Since many people would purchase the magazines anyway, this provides an opportunity for them to support your organization without spending additional money. It also provides your organization with a recurring income stream throughout the year and year-after-year, as long as the customer continues to subscribe. Now that these programs are generally administered 100% online, there is no cash to collect, no paper to push, and the magazines are shipped directly from publisher to customer - no fuss, no muss, just a great fundraising option.

Cookie Dough Fundraising

There's nothing like fresh cookies. The sale of frozen cookie dough has become more popular as people's lives get busier. From July 2002 to July 2003, Americans consumed more than 430 million dollars worth of frozen cookie dough. It's not surprising that it has become a popular choice for many groups looking to raise money. Selling dry-mix cookie dough is also an option.

Candle Fundraising

Candles are more popular now than they ever were. Consumer retail sales are in excess of 2 billion dollars per year, not including the sale of candle accessories. It's no wonder so many groups are choosing to "cash in" on the current trend with candle fundraisers.

Groups generally sell the candles one of two ways - brochure and on-hand sales. With brochure candle sales, participants show a brochure to customers and collect orders and payment upfront.

The group passes out brochures to customers and after the order is submitted to the fundraising company the candles are usually delivered in a few weeks. The group has no or little out of pocket expense and profit is usually kept right away.

With on-hand candle sales, groups purchase candles upfront and sell them to customers without the customer having to wait for delivery. The group has the expense of purchasing the candles upfront, but the advantage of immediate delivery can increase orders.