Luxury Family Vacation

Your guide to luxury family resorts and hotels

Although it may sound like something you could never afford, a luxury family vacation doesn't necessarily mean flying first class, staying in a five-star hotel, and dining on champagne and caviar. After all, with the cost of living rising and things like college tuition and retirement to worry about, any vacation at all can seem like a luxury these days.


At its core, family luxury travel is really about indulging (within reason) and getting the best possible quality for the price you can afford. It simply means that rather than cut corners by cooking your own meals or cleaning your own room on holiday, you will spend your time actually relaxing while others take care of the details. Thanks to a boom in online travel sites and all-inclusive resort specials, you can now get quality, luxury service at far less than luxury prices.

Luxury Family Resorts

The main difference between luxury family resorts and just plain-old family resorts is usually the size of the room and the available amenities. Luxury resorts tend to specialize in suites and villas as opposed to the traditional hotel-style room with two beds and a bathroom. They also generally have at least one pool, hot tub, dining room, and/or health spa.

Of course, the quality of the rooms and amenities is also better at luxury resorts -- the mattresses are thicker (and usually newer), the finishings are higher-end, the linens higher-quality, that kind of thing. These are also the types of places where maids still leave chocolates on the pillows and provide turn-down service.

Luxury Family Hotels

Much like luxury resorts, luxury family hotels generally differ from their non-luxury counterparts in the size of the room and number of amenities, as well as the quality of service. Luxury hotels often offer cleaning services during your stay, not just when you check out, and most have amenities outside the traditional hotel room, such as a mini-fridge or cable TV. Luxury hotels also tend to have pools, whereas many traditional hotels do not.

Cheap Family Luxury Vacations

The easiest way to afford a family luxury vacation is to travel in the off-season for your destination. Heading to Florida for March break or Cuba over Christmas is not only going to cost you more money, but it's going to require more planning to make sure you get your accommodations and everything set before they're all booked.

If you can be flexible about either the dates of travel or the destination, you can likely get a last-minute deal that could save you up to 70 percent or more off the regular price of your luxury family trip.