Kilimanjaro Safaris with Kids

How to plan an adventure trip for kids

A vacation to the Kilimanjaro Safari is nothing short of an adventure trip that your whole family will remember for years to come. The hardest part of this exciting vacation is the planning and packing before you go.

Begin by looking into package trips, or all-inclusive deals traveling to the Kilimanjaro Safari – often, these deals can be cheaper than planning a trip on your own, and can be catered to fit your family's specific needs. Some places even offer adult activities, and will have babysitters available to watch the kids while you and your spouse enjoy some freedom. You should look at the age requirements on the deals, as some packages need children to be a certain age to attend – usually five or six. Kids below that age sometimes have a difficult time traveling to certain foreign countries.


When it comes to packing for your kids, pay attention to the weather conditions and pack accordingly. Kids will need long pants, shorts, T-shirts, a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt and comfortable shoes. Also make sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray as the brands you use in the United States may not be available there.

Before leaving (or even before you start planning) your Kilimanjaro Safari vacation, you need to ensure that your children are as excited about the trip as you may be. For some parents, traveling to an exciting foreign country is a lifelong dream that it takes years to fulfill. You may have thought about this trip for the last decade, but your kids may prefer a simple vacation to Florida – if your kids don't want to go, it can ruin the trip for you. Think about doing a smaller vacation to a local amusement park, and a longer trip for the adults later in the year.

One of the biggest parts of a safari vacation near Kilimanjaro is a trip to visit wild animals – it can be a little scary for children (and for some adults too). Make sure that the company you use is prepared for these fears, and that if needed you can leave at anytime. Scared and crying children can upset the animals as well as their parents, and it's easier if you can leave when your family needs to leave.

Another tip is to keep your children up to date on immunizations and shots. Ask your doctor for advice, and see if there's anything else your kids will need before leaving for your trip. You are also going to need current passports for all members of the family, and plans on how to keep the kids occupied during the long flight overseas.

Using some of these plans, you can ensure that your kids enjoy their trip to the Kilimanjaro Safari, and that your entire family is prepared.

By Jennifer Eblin