European Vacation

Your guide to European travel with kids

What is more archetypal than a European vacation? With centuries of history, some of the world's best-known art, diverse cultural experiences, beaches, cities, countryside, and restaurants and nightlife of all kinds, Europe has earned its reputation as a top travel destination.


Unlike North America, Europe is a relatively small and well-connected continent, making it easy to visit several countries in a short period of time. Frequent, inexpensive transit between countries makes it relatively easy to get around, and many travel agents and tour companies offer multi-country European vacation packages with transportation, accommodations, and even some attractions included, making it even easier to enjoy a comprehensive European vacation.

Popular European Family Travel Destinations

While adults may want to spend hours in art galleries and touring major historical sites, children will tire of such activities relatively quicker, especially young children. Fortunately, there are plenty of cultural and historical destinations that are also perfect for European travel with kids. These include:

Where to Stay on Your European Family Vacation

If you're going to visit multiple countries, your best bet is probably to book a European vacation package that includes accommodations at each destination, as well as transportation in between. Although both are relatively easy to come by in Europe, booking them as part of a package is not only easier but also usually cheaper. Just make sure to book your package early, especially if you're traveling in the high season (June through September).

Although weather varies somewhat according to destination, Europe as a whole tends to experience its best weather in the summer, June through September, so naturally, this is the busiest time for tourism. Much like North America, however, December through March are fairly cold in Europe, though snow is not common everywhere.

For good weather and better prices, try to plan your trip for April or May, or late September through early November.