Costa Rica Vacation

Your guide to Costa Rica travel with kids

Located between just north of the Equator and between two bodies of saltwater (the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west), Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate year-round and offers miles of spectacular beaches.

High season for Costa Rica vacations is during North American winter (roughly December to April), which coincides with Costa Rica's "summer" or dry season. Although still quite warm and somewhat sunny, Costa Rica endures a rainy season or "winter" from May to November, which also coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season.


If you're planning a Costa Rica family vacation, consider late November or early May, before or after the worst of the rainy season but still within the off season so you'll get better deals.

Popular Costa Rica Family Travel Destinations

If you'll be enjoying Costa Rica travel with kids, here are some great family-friendly destinations to try:

Where to Stay on Your Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica has an excellent public transportation system that puts virtually the entire country within reach on a vacation, so you might want to book accommodations in more than one area, or find a central location from which you can travel to all of your desired destinations.

Like Mexico and many Caribbean destinations (Jamaica, the Bahamas), Costa Rica offers a number of all-inclusive resorts and vacation packages for those who want a worry-free vacation, as well as a variety of hotels, motels, cabins, cottages, villas, bed and breakfasts, and even eco lodges. Of course, there are also numerous Costa Rica vacation rentals available, from condos and apartments to cottages and homes. Rentals will fill up in high season, so book early. Better yet, book for the off season and save up to 80 percent of the regular price.