Bahamas Vacation

Your guide to Bahamas travel with kids

With average temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius or higher all year long, the Bahamas makes a great vacation destination, especially in the winter months when temperatures are considerable colder in much of North America.

Although not far from the coast of Florida, the Bahamas, which is actually a chain of islands, enjoys a more temperate climate because of the Gulf Stream. There is a trade-off, of course, in the form of hurricanes that can buffet the island through the summer and autumn months (roughly June through November).


Still, if you're looking for a tropical family getaway, a Bahamas vacation certainly fits the bill.

Popular Bahamas Family Travel Destinations

If you're attempting Bahamas travel with kids, don't expect to be lounging on the beach sipping tropical drinks the whole time. Although many resorts and hotels offer child care and kids' activities, you will likely be responsible for entertaining your children most of the time.

Here are a few sites to check out on your Bahamas family vacation:

Your activity choices will largely depend on the island you're staying on and/or your willingness to travel between islands. Your travel agent or the staff at your resort or hotel can help you plan day trips.

Where to Stay During Your Bahamas Family Vacation

As with most other Caribbean destinations, such as Jamaica vacations, you can often find all-inclusive resorts and/or vacation packages that include accommodations, meals, and some other amenities. These are great options for those who want a worry-free vacation.

If you're willing to do a bit of cooking and light housekeeping on your vacation, however, Bahamas vacation rentals, such as cottages, cabins, apartments, and vacation homes, can be a more flexible, more affordable way to stay. Rental options abound, but you'll want to book early to make sure you get the type of accommodation you want in the location you want.