Texas Vacation

Your guide to Texas travel with kids

As the second-largest state in the United States of America, with an area almost twice the size that of Germany and a population about three-quarters that of Canada, Texas boast a wide range of climates and terrain, from cool forests to burning desert.

A Texas vacation, therefore, can take many forms. The Gulf Coast region offers some of the country's best beaches, while Big Bend Country is home to the Davis Mountains. The thriving metropolis of Dallas–Fort Worth offers shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and a variety of cultural attractions, while the Texas Piney Woods region is the epitome of down-home Southern hospitality. Whatever you're looking for in a family vacation, you're bound to find it in Texas.


Popular Texas Family Travel Destinations

Some of the best destinations for Texas travel with kids include:

Of course, there are many other options, too, including spectacular golf and fishing destinations, as well as a wide variety of festivals, concerts, and events. Check online or call the tourist information center for the city or area you're visiting to find out more.

Where to Stay on Your Texas Family Vacation

Texas has become synonymous with cowboys and ranches, and you can certainly get the rustic Texas feel by staying in one of many cabins or at one of many campgrounds. However, Texans also have a taste for luxury, and you'll find many top hotels, spas, and resorts across the state, especially around major metropolitan centers like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas–Fort Worth.

If you're going to be in one place for a while and want a little more room for your family to spread out in, a wide variety of Texas vacation homes are available for rent online. These range from small one- and two-bedroom cottages to veritable mansions with multiple bed and bathrooms, modern amenities, and even pools. Prices vary greatly according to style of home, location, and type of year. Booking in the off-season can save you hundreds, as long as you're willing to brave less-than-ideal weather conditions.