Georgia Vacation

Your guide to Georgia travel with kids

Step into the past on a family vacation to historic Georgia. This state is home to the nation's first National Historic Site (the Gordon home in Savannah, Georgia), the birthplace of President Carter, and many other historic sites and buildings. Indeed, a Georgia family vacation is practically a trip back in time!


Georgia Family Travel Destinations

With so many sites and attractions, it can sometimes seem like the entire state of Georgia is tourist destination. Some of the top places to visit on a Georgia family vacation include:

Of course, these are just a few potential destinations for Georgia travel with kids. You can find many more by visiting Georgia's tourism site and searching specifically for attractions in the city or area you'll be visiting.

Where to Stay During a Georgia Vacation

If you're staying in one particular city or area, consider booking a rental property rather than a hotel. Georgia vacation rentals range from vacation homes to cottages to rustic (but comfortable!) cabins, and they often provide greater flexibility at more affordable prices than hotels. For example, families will enjoy having separate bedrooms and more space in which to spread out, and kitchen facilities will allow you to cook your own meals or at least keep stuff on hand for a quick breakfast or bedtime snack, lowering your food costs.

Of course, there are plenty of traditional accommodations, as well—hotels, resorts, and campgrounds abound across the state. Look for packages that include a continental breakfast or discounted admission to local attractions to get the most for your money.