Disney Vacation for Kids

How to choose between Disneyland, Disney World or a Disney Cruise

With their storybook feel and images of fairytale magic, which would you chose: Disneyland, Disney World or a Disney Cruise? They are benefits to all, and each will offer different experiences, but it really comes down to four elements: time, location, money and you. Since all four elements integrate with each other, let's use different vacation scenarios as a guide.


The Long Weekend Trip

Your location will obviously play an important component to this vacation, so if you live closer to the west coast, chose Disneyland. For the east coast, Disney World. You don't want to spend half your time traveling to your destination. Choose something close to you and check the Disney website for pricing.

The Week-to-10-Day Holiday

Opt for Disney World of this one. Plan early and if you're coming in from a distance, watch for special air fares to Orlando. Disney World has so much to offer than just the parks: there are the water parks, movies, nightclubs, shopping and a variety of fine dining restaurants. Several kinds of hotels in different themes are available right on the property in all price ranges.

Been There, Done That, Have Kids and Stressed Out with Only 4 Days to Spare

For this one, you are already a connoisseur of Disney World, having previously visited and don't want the constant togetherness of that theme park – so take a Disney Cruise instead. You can have quality time alone (enjoy the spa) and the children will love the camp on the ship, so they will never complain about being bored. And no decisions about where to have dinner either – a different restaurant is waiting for you each night.

I Need to Veg Out (No Children)

Disney World has options that can appeal to singles. In the mornings, you might have the pool to yourself while others are heading to the theme park. Later on, head to the spa for a relaxing massage or try any of the other treatments being offered. At night, dance your heart away!

Let's Visit San Francisco, L.A. and Disney

No arguments here. Disneyland is a perfect outing for a few days with a little bit of Californian history thrown in for good measure!

For the Fifties Buff

Head for the original, Disneyland. After all, it's retro, nostalgic and was on TV on its opening day in the fifties. Many of The Mickey Mouse Club cast would appear there as surprised guests.

You Want a Theme Park, Someone Else Wants a Cruise

Don't argue but compromise. Yes, do both as Disney offers packages where you can cruise for part of your holiday, and also stay at Disney World the rest of the time. This will appeal to the whole family – and you get to visit the Bahamas too!

The Trip of a Lifetime

Money and time is no object. Do it all and have it all. Visit Disneyland, take a cruise and finally find yourselves at Disney World. All three vacations should be experienced at some point in your life. Put together a package that works for you and your family and create a holiday that will give you all wonderful, long-lasting memories.

By Veronica Shine