Arizona Vacation

Your guide to Arizona travel with kids

Although often overshadowed by its neighbor California, Arizona boasts a sunny southern climate, a major landmark, and a whole host of family-friendly tourist destinations.

Perhaps the biggest draws to Arizona are its climate (warm, dry) and its scenery (deserts, mountains, lakes). The breathtaking landscape provides the perfect backdrop for sightseeing, shopping, golfing, and just generally relaxing. Known as "America's natural amusement park," Arizona offers adventure at every turn.


Arizona Family Travel Destinations

The main attraction of an Arizona vacation is usually the Grand Canyon, an impressive gorge carved by the Colorado River and largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park. Entrance to the park is around $25 per vehicle and is good for 7 days, which is plenty of time to partake in the guided walks and tours, mule trips, hiking, and boat trips down the river. Accommodation consists of both campgrounds and lodgings, but you'll need to reserve early for both, especially in summer when the park is busiest.

The Phoenix Zoo was voted one of the nation's top five zoos for children, so it's a must-see destination for any Arizona travel with kids. Family programs include breakfast with the animals, lunch with a zookeeper, and even an overnight camping experience.

Arizona is one of the Four Corners states, along with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Take a trip to the northeast corner of the state, and you and your children can stand in four states all at once!

Of course, with a gorgeous and varied landscape and a whole host of family-friendly attractions like water parks, skate parks, and dude ranches scattered throughout, the entire state of Arizona is a family travel destination.

Where to Stay on Your Arizona Family Vacation

Arizona offers a diverse range of accommodations, from campgrounds and cabins to five-star hotels and resorts. If you plan to travel throughout the state during your vacation, consider trying a bunch of different types of accommodation—just make sure to book in advance, especially if you're traveling during the busy season (January through March in desert areas and June through August in the mountains).

If you plan to stay in one place for most of your vacation, you might want to look into Arizona vacation rentals. These range from condos and apartments in major cities to houses and cabins in the suburbs and rural areas, and you can generally find the widest selection (and the best deals) online.