Family Vacation

Is it worth the cost to go all-inclusive with your kids?

For the perfect family vacation, the only way to go in my opinion is all-inclusive. And for those who have already done so, I'm sure that you will agree the highlight of every all-inclusive with children is the never-ending supply of ice cream!

When booking such a vacation, parents should look for the all-inclusive resorts that offer reduced rates for children 12 years and under, staying in the same room. Think about it: the resort and booking agency get to use one room, charge you less for the children, and since kids don't drink alcohol or technically eat as much as adults, the resort is willing to accommodate children for a reduced cost to the parents. Of course, parents with their children on hand are not going to be partying as a single person would. In the end, it's a perfect arrangement for both the family and the booking agency.


Consider this: you work all year for that one or two weeks off. The family vacation is the only time where you can get away from it all, so any resort vacation must be exactly that. If you are traveling with your children, and they are constantly running up to you and asking for money to buy a drink, or a snack, is that going to be relaxing? Being at an all-inclusive resort gives you freedom from many things: carrying money, tracking expenses, worrying about budget and having the children interrupting your vacation time around the pool. All these things are worth their weight in gold at an all-inclusive resort.

All-inclusive resorts will provide non-stop drinks for both adults and children. There is always something to eat any time of the day, which is one of the best ways of keeping everyone happy. Most resorts even include free stocked mini-bars in your room so there are snacks and drinks available throughout the night.

Your vacation with your family can only be what you make of it. But to actually be able to enjoy it without some of the mundane tasks of everyday life (such as handling money) is an enjoyable, incomparable feeling. It's more than not having to make your bed every day. It's having someone else making some decisions for you such as what you'll eat at the buffet. It's about someone else taking the small daily tasks away from your day, so you can relax.

Every day, we worry about keeping our children properly fed and nourished. In my opinion, eliminating this one task while on vacation gives parents some real downtime, and allows the children the freedom to make some of their own decisions in what they eat. All-inclusive resorts accomplish this nicely.

Total rest and relaxation is the goal of all-inclusive resorts for families with children. Since there is something for everyone, the whole family can enjoy their vacation, and as a bonus, parents get a break from their mundane everyday tasks. After all, a vacation is supposed to satisfy every member of the family. Isn't happiness absolutely priceless?

By Honey Domingo