Family Cruise Vacation

The benefits of taking cruise vacations with kids

Let's face it: We love our kids, and we want to spend time with them on family vacations, but traveling with kids can often turn what's supposed to be a relaxing vacation into hard work. Instead of enjoying drinks on the beach or sightseeing tours, you're trying to keep children entertained and make sure they don't get lost or into trouble.

Of course, you could just check into a hotel and let the kids play in the pool while you get a massage or kick back with a book, but what if you actually want to travel and see some sights? A family cruise vacation can be just the compromise you're looking for.


Why You Should Take Cruise Vacations with Children

The best part about opting for a cruise vacation with kids is that it allows you to spend time both together and separately. On the cruise boat, you and your kids will sleep in the same room and eat dinner together every night, but during the day, kids can attend activities run by ship staff while you sunbathe by the pool, gamble in the casino, or take in a show. When you're in port, you and the kids can go sightseeing together, or they can stay aboard the ship and play while you take in the sights with other adults. Some cruise ships even offer special children's tours, so they can spend time with others their own age while you do the same.

Perhaps the best part of taking a cruise vacation with kids is that you get all the advantages of traveling without all the hassle. You can pack and unpack once while still visiting several destinations, and you can enjoy downtime while still seeing the sights, and you can vacation together as a family while still finding something that everyone wants to do. It's practically perfect!

How to find the Best Family Cruise Deals

One of the biggest challenges to vacationing as a family today is the expense. Here again, family cruise vacations can offer an advantage. Cruise vacations generally include all of your major expenses, such as airfare, accommodations, meals, and alcohol. Even much of the entertainment and activities on cruise ships is free.

Of course, the cruise package itself can still be somewhat expensive, but if you look online and are flexible about the destinations and time of travel, you can often find cheap family cruises at the last minute or in the off-season.