Child Luggage

Find the right luggage for your children

When you're going on a trip as a family, whether by road or by air, it's a good time to teach your kids some responsibility for what they bring with them. And what better way than by using child luggage? Unless your child is too young to make their own clothing choices, they would probably learn a lot by helping you pack their bags, picking out the clothes they want to wear and the toys they want to bring. If you have wheeled luggage for your child, they may even be able to get their luggage from the trunk to the gate, or to the hotel room. Your child will feel a great sense of ownership if they can manage their own child luggage set by themselves.


Children's Luggage

Making sure that your child is strong enough to handle the child wheeled luggage is important so that they do not injure themselves by pulling or lifting it. If you are in an airport, keep an eye on your kids to make sure they can easily manage the child luggage without slowing other travelers down. Before you leave on your trip, be certain you've got personalized child luggage to make it easy to spot on the luggage carousel. Putting an ID tag inside the bag helps if the child luggage gets lost, too. Include your name and home phone number, along with your cell number.

The child luggage Samsonite used to make is out of stock on many websites; it appears that they have discontinued making child-specific luggage, but they do have some lightweight luggage that would work well for children. It is a zippered soft bag on wheels, and the child could tie an identifying tag or stuffed toy to individualize the bag to their tastes.

Tips for the Trip

When your child selects what they want to bring, make sure that it will all fit comfortably in their child luggage. This is part of the training process for teaching them about consequences and responsibility. A child's attention span is short. Be certain you have packed enough entertainment for the trip to keep them from whining or acting out, and don't forget that all-important security blanket or stuffed animal. Pack some surprises for them, too. Nothing pleases a child like getting something new or different. You can pick up inexpensive coloring books or hand-held games from your favorite local stores.