Thank You Cards

How to make your own thank-you cards without looking cheap

Creating your own thank-you cards can be as easy as a trip to your local craft store. Spend some time walking around the store and get a feel for the products they carry. Some craft stores sell pre-made card kits with all the necessary cards inside. All you have to do is add a little creativity and clean handwriting.

Another option to create nice-looking thank-you cards is to use an online company like Shutterfly. You upload the pictures you want to use, pick out the font size and wording, and create the perfect card. Some companies allow you to order the cards after creating them, and have them mailed directly to your home. Other companies require you to print out the cards yourself.


You can also buy computer programs to use from the privacy of your home. You still have the option of choosing your own design, images and wording but have to print the cards yourself. The key to doing this is investing in good quality card stock and a good laser printer. Using plain white paper and a cheap printer will create cheap thank-you cards.

To create the best thank-you card from home, use a good pen. It doesn't have to be a calligraphy-grade pen, but a nice gel pen works well. Be sure to use the handwriting that works best for you. If your printing is better than your cursive, print the note and vice versa. Keep the note semi-casual by using informal names or titles such as Aunt Michelle (instead of full names), and include a personalized note inside. Don't say "thanks for the gift," but refer exactly to what was given. If you are thanking someone for a monetary gift, explain what you plan to use the money towards.

When it comes to creating great thank-you cards from home, you need to invest in quality products. Don't skimp on your supplies or the cards will come out looking cheap. But focus on colors that you like. If you want to use a pale yellow, and the card stock is only available in bigger pieces, measure with a pencil and cut using brand-new scissors. The last thing you want is to create nice-looking thank-you cards that have ragged edges.

For an extra flourish, think about using a gel pen with small flecks of glitter in it, or using ribbon for decoration. Cut two small holes in the top of the card, thread the ribbon through, and tie it in a small bow.

Using these tips you can create expensive-looking thank-you cards for a fraction of the price.

By Jennifer Eblin