Kids Halloween

Have a fun and safe Halloween with your children

There are many things you can do to give your kids a fun Halloween, including parties, games, crafts and more. The theme of a good kids Halloween should be scary but not too scary. Halloween games for kids can be simple such as guessing games with a Halloween theme, or something a bit more challenging like bobbing for apples. Kids of all ages love this one, no matter how traditional it may seem. Halloween crafts for kids are as numerous as they are creative, including everything from drawing their own Halloween decorations to painting faces on pumpkins.


Halloween Crafts

If your kids are old enough to use a needle and thread, they can make witches, spiders or ghosts from pantyhose. This is also a good way to teach children to the art of sewing. Hose can be stuffed with regular stuffing or you could use small bags of paper from a shredder. It makes great stuffing for Halloween crafts for kids.

Witches, Pumpkins and Spiders

To make a witch, use the toe of one pantyhose leg and have the children stuff it until it's the size of a golf ball. With string, tie off the open end to prevent the stuffing from escaping. Using orange and black yarn and a large plastic needle, have children make the eyes, nose and mouth. The ball puckers and appears "ugly" – the uglier, the better. Add black and orange yarn for hair. For pumpkins, simply coil orange yarn around the ball. Sew at both ends. Use green yarn for the stem. For spiders, stuff a pantyhose leg until a head is formed about four inches in diameter. Make spider legs by cutting two pantyhose legs into four even sections. Stuff and attach to the spider's head. Use buttons for eyes and red yarn for the mouth.

Halloween Games

Needle in a haystack is an easy, fun game. Create a "haystack" three or four feet high of various items. Give each child a list of three items they have to find in the haystack. Using a stopwatch, each child has 30 seconds to find all three items. Old horror movies are a great way to have a less ambitious game for children. After they view the movie, the child who can name the most characters wins.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Kids Halloween costumes needn't always be store bought. Older school-age kids love to poke around old closets and rummage sales for material for just the right kids Halloween costume.