Kids Christmas

Make it a Christmas the kids will remember

Kids and Christmas – it's hard to imagine the season without those adorable little faces, full of awe and wonder. Kids Christmas should be fun, filled with games, parties and activities geared to their age levels. This is also the best time for parents to teach their kids about gift giving using handmade craft items. Christmas crafts for kids abound in the home and backyard, if parents have a good eye for potential decorating items like pine cones and dried flowers.


Kids Christmas Crafts

For toddlers, help select dried twigs or sprigs of fir to make a holiday centerpiece that's festive, natural and woodsy. Help them insert dried cloves into oranges for the centerpiece. For older children, gluing large acorns, nuts and dried berries together keeps little hands occupied. School-age children can benefit by making bookmarks from red and green felt decorated with glitter glue, which they can then give as gifts.

Making decorations for the tree is as simple as cutting white felt into candy cane shapes, applying cardboard backing and striping with red felt. For a tasty treat, older school children can make a craft using several bags of chocolate kisses, small candy canes and other prepackaged small candies. Use the cardboard roll from an empty roll of paper towels and four pages from a newspaper to form a cone shape. Cut about a quarter-inch thick cardboard base four inches in diameter. Using a glue gun, glue the cone to the base. Glue lengths of green, red or metallic garland around the cone until it is completely covered. Then, glue the small candy packages to the tree. Add a star to the top.

Kids Christmas Games

Christmas games for kids can take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Christmas games kids enjoy most thoroughly are those that are challenging. Play a "Name that Tune" using Christmas carols. Or you could play musical chairs with songs like "Snoopy's Christmas" or "The "Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)." Plan kids Christmas activities when energy levels are up, when they are eager for things to do.

Kids Christmas Activity Ideas

What's more fun for the kids (and less work for you) than having a trim-a-tree party? For rewards, serve hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies. Another fun kids Christmas activity is a scavenger hunt with a Christmas focus. Draw up a list of Christmas items for them to find in the house or backyard. Of course, for a more low-key Christmas activity, you could always watch one of the many family-oriented Christmas movies available, whether it's a holiday classic aired on TV or a new release rented from the video store.

Kids Holiday Recipes

Kids will enjoy baking cookies for Santa, not to mention making holiday treats for themselves! You can find great holiday recipes online for kids of all ages. Young children can help make the cookie dough and then decorate the cookies once they've been baked, while older kids can be trusted around the stove to make holiday Rice Krispies treats (use red and green cereal and/or cut the "squares" into holiday shapes with cookie cutters). Other great treats include colored popcorn balls (red and green, of course), gingerbread houses (a holiday standard), and "lumps of coal" (round brownies or chocolate macaroons).