Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Creating birthday party invitations for kids

Birthdays only come around once a year, and for kids, it's all about the party and the presents. Parents face the responsibility of planning an event that will be fun and memorable without costing too much money. But before the party starts, the kids birthday party invitations need to be made and passed out, which requires both creativity and planning.

If the party is being held at a commercial venue like a skating rink, bowling alley, video game parlor or indoor playroom, ask if invitations are included in the party package. Another budget-friendly idea is to use free printable kids birthday invitations. You'll find plenty of options online. Also, make sure to check your local dollar store – these retailers are dedicated to delivering excellent value for your money.


Kids' birthday invitation cards are no longer restricted to basic note cards with balloon bunches on the front and oversized lines where you can plug in your information. Creative invitations are more common and can be used to excellent advantage if you have a party theme in mind.

Creative Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday invitation cards and parties offer you a chance to show off your hosting skills. Picking a party theme will make it easy to choose unique invitation cards. However, make sure the invitations will include all the standard information, including:

You can change up the wording to reflect the theme. For example, if you're having a UFO/alien theme for the party, you might use "abductee" to refer to the guest of honor and "mother ship" to refer to the place where the party is being held.

Handing Out Kids' Birthday Invitations

If you've opted to go the more tech-savvy route, the Internet eliminates the need to send the invitations through the mail; however, you should still go to the effort of individualizing each invitation if you're sending them via email rather than just sending out a mass message.

If you're sticking to good old paper, consider the color and texture of the invitation's envelope and little touches you can add to make them more appealing. Remember that your childrens' birthday party invitations make an important impression both on potential guests as well as their parents.