Top ways to celebrate grad

Even preschool graduation is a big accomplishment, and any graduation day should be a cause for celebration -- whether you're celebrating a college graduation, a high school graduation or even a kindergarten graduation. When your child graduates, it's worth doing something special to let them know that you're proud of them and that they've done something really great. Here are a variety of fun ways to celebrate any graduation, no matter what the milestone.


Graduation Announcements

One graduation idea is to take out a graduation announcement in the local paper. This is usually reserved for college graduation and is a great way to commemorate the occasion. A college graduation announcement will go out to all of your friends and family, and it makes a good keepsake for photo albums and scrapbooks. College graduation announcements are usually pretty affordable as well.

Graduation Party

Throwing your child a graduation party is another fantastic way to celebrate all that they have accomplished. It's easy to decorate with graduation balloons, graduation party supplies and other graduation decorations. Getting graduation party ideas shouldn't be hard, either – all you really need to do is put your child's friends and family together and let the celebration begin.

A graduation invitation is a great graduation favor, as well. A cheap graduation invitation can be done up at any copy shop, and it has the same benefits as a graduation announcement taken out in the local paper - it's something for guests to keep to remember the academic accomplishments of your child. As a graduation party supply, an invitation is indispensable.

Graduation Cap and Gown

A graduation cap paired with a graduation gown is the perfect outfit to commemorate your child's scholastic achievement. You can even find a graduation tassel in your child's school colors. Graduation gowns aren't always available for purchase, but it's often possible to buy a graduation hat signifying that your child is an alumnus, or even to purchase the actual graduation caps from the ceremony. A graduation day is a big event, and you should have something to commemorate the occasion.

Graduation Rings

If you're looking to spend a little extra and commemorate a school experience that has been really special, look into a graduation ring. Schools often make these available to students towards the end of an academic year, and they don't always have to be big and flashy. It's possible to get a simple ring with the school's colors or the year of graduation.

Graduation Gifts

A graduation gift makes a great addition to any of the above or an excellent commemoration all its own. There are plenty of graduation gift ideas, so to be sure you choose the right gift, take your cues from the graduate and the type of graduation. A college graduation gift, for example, might be more extravagant than a high school graduation gift. And a unique graduation gift that is specific to the graduate's school or area of study is sure to be cherished. Don't forget, you can always turn a fairly generic item into a personalized graduation gift by having it engraved.